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accused of going 100 miles an hour in a bay area tunnel. how his story is changing. >> the manhunt continues. the unlucky spot one robbery suspect tried to flee. >> the storm clouds have moved out the cold air has moved in. it is a frosty start to the day. how warm will we get today? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and good morning, everyone. it is thursday, december 13. i'm frank mallicoat. i'm michelle griego. the san mateo bridge opened all lanes after a deadly accident caused slowing for several hours. gianna has the latest. >> you know, chp said 6:00 they were hoping to have everything reopened and just like clockwork all lanes are now open westbound san mateo bridge. this accident happened at about 3:30 this morning. it was towards the peninsula side as you head into foster city. you're looking live at church. so delays are improving but it's still a backup. we were seeing delays. this two-car crash was reported just as a normal incident at
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first but again, one person was pronounced dead at the scene. so they have that closure down for quite some time. hopefully things are improving. all lanes are now open. you should use the dumbarton bridge just for the next maybe 15, 20 minutes. things should be good after 6:30. let's jump to the maps. we have a new trouble spot to report westbound 580 at high street. getting word of an accident where a vehicle may have hit a pedestrian in the road. no word yet if it's blocking the main lines of the freeway or if the accident happened on the off-ramp there. we'll get more details on this just a few minutes. we'll send it back to the news desk. >> thank you. was it a playful planing or playful prank? a san francisco sergeant at first claimed responsibility for a high-speed joyride through a tunnel in town. elizabeth wenger reports. >> reporter: the video is
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astonishing. he is changing his story but the first question is why. why would a san francisco cop post this on facebook to begin with? the video shows a driver at larkin and zooming top speeds. check this out. that clip was posted on sergeant carl t's facebook page in september. it appears to show him driving 100 miles per hour in the lamborghini through the broadway tunnel in seconds. there is no way to actually identify who is driving. in the comments section of his facebook page he bragged, we were all drunk. some people were surprised who saw the videos. others say since there were no other cars around, no harm, no foul. >> definitely safe. >> is he going to lose his job? that's reckless. >> he only took advantage of it because he is a cop. >> he probably would want to do
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it differently or not at all. >> reporter: the officer is changing his story. he told a weekly newspaper he wasn't driving and they were never going 100 miles per hour. he south dade the comment about being drunk was a joke. his -- he said the comment about being drunk was a joke. his facebook was taken down. the san francisco police department says the matter is under investigation. so obviously, the san francisco police officer could be in some big trouble here coming up. frank and michelle, back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a cyclist rescued from underneath a street sweeper vehicle in san francisco, the man on his bike collided with the cleaning truck around midnight at 6th and brannan streets. the cyclist was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. and we have new details on a campus lockdown in southern california. police are still trying to find
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two robbery suspects this morning. at least one was last seen running on the cal state fullerton campus. that prompted a lockdown that lasted 8 hours last night. the suspect was never found but the lockdown was lifted just before midnight. now, the suspects were wanted for robbery in a shooting earlier at a jewelry store. they were chased through three counties before crashing near the fullerton campus. now, three of the five suspects are under arrest. one of them you will see ran out on the baseball diamond where the l.a. police chief was at a toy giveaway at the time. the suspect gave up when he saw the police officers. the oakland police department avoids a federal takeover although it could happen. instead a federal judge has ordered a compliance director to keep track of reforms in the department. that person will help opd implement reforms required by the settlement of a 12-year-old civil rights lawsuit. politics is not the only battle governor brown is
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fighting these days. the 74-year-old is now being treated for prostate cancer. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is over at ucsf this morning where the governor is undergoing radiation treatment and she joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. he will come here every day to receive those treatments and doctors are very optimistic about his diagnosis. they say his cancer was caught early, is very treatable and has a high cure rate. governor brown's office announced yesterday that he is battling early stage prostate cancer. it's one of the most common cancers for men and one that doctors say they see a lot of when people age. at 74, brown is california's oldest governor. but he has let people know that his age does not affect him that he is in good health. he is known to jog around the capital and in the oakland hills and back in august, he challenged new jersey governor chris christie to a race after being slammed at the republican convention. >> i hereby challenge governor
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christie to a three-mile race, push-up contest and a chin-up contest. [ applause and cheers ] >> >> reporter: so how will this diagnosis affect his health of and his work? he will keep his full work schedule and he is not expected to suffer any serious side effects. his treatments will last for with 10 minutes each day. and they should be all finished by the week of january 7. that's just in time for brown to deliver the state of the state address and unveil his budget proposal. now, the governor was also treated for skin cancer last year. but doctors say that that should have no impact on his prostate cancer. in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> he is a fighter so if anyone can beat it, governor brown can. >> now who i would like to challenge to a chinup and sit ups? >> who would that be? >> it would be this guy. >> is that right? >> i think i could take you. >> let's go for it. >> should we. >> i'm ready to go. >> how about 6:50 on the program right over there near th weather wall?
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>> especially on a day like today. >> i'll watch. >> you have to do something to stay warm today. it's a cold beginning to the day if you are head outside. boy, chilly start. we are going to see some frost showing up in many of the interior valleys in the north and also the east bay. that cold front is swinging through yesterday. now all that cold air from the gulf of alaska parked right over the bay area. so mostly clear start before you these temperatures are very chilly. 35 degrees right now in consumer report and livermore. 33 hovering just above freezing in santa rosa. even 39 degrees in san jose. as we head toward the afternoon, it will stay dry all day long. skies will be mostly sunny, but these temperatures are cool mainly in the 50s outside. looks like we could see a little rain coming our direction. we'll talk about that and i'll do some pushups in between to get ready for the big contest. >> thank you. we are learning more about the gunman in the portland mall shooting. friends say 22-year-old jacob roberts was friendly but lived a tough life.
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roberts killed two people and injured another during a shooting spree at the mall on tuesday. he ended up turning the gun on himself. roberts' mother expressed shock and grief through a friend. she's very sad, wants everyone to know she has so sorry what jake did and it is so out of his character. >> we are learning more about the victims. 45-year-old steven forsyth ran a business at the mall. 54-year-old cindy yuille was a nurse and 15-year-old kristina shevchenko is said to be recovering. the shooter did not know any of the victims. some more deadly violence today in syria. 16 people were killed in a car bomb blast near damascus. this comes as more international figures are talking about an end to president assad's government in syria. russian deputy foreign minister minister said today it appears assad's days are numbered in that country.
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the question now, where is john mcafee? he has been back in the united states but still no sign of the software tycoon. he was last seen leaving miami international airport last night after guatemala authorities put him on a plane when he was kicked out of the country for crossing the border illegally. >> it was a very tricky negotiation getting out of guatemala. they wanted to return me to belize. the problem was that again police in guatemala are going to be signing a peace accord early next year. belize demanded my return. >> no one knows where he is now probably somewhere in florida. mcafee snuck into guatemala to escape questioning by belize police after his neighbor was murdered. instead of recalling san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi a group is gathering signatures to urge him to resign. the move is to avoid a costly recall. the petition needs 50,000
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signatures within the next week. earlier this year mirkarimi pleaded guilty for bruising his wife's arm. he is on probation for three years. he refused to step down as san francisco sheriff. the wrong turn for apple. why iphone users are celebrating after the maps fiasco. >> a late-night joyride at a slow speed. a man on a lawnmower learns a tough lesson [ non-english language ] >> it is a success in any language. the bay area school redefining bilingual education. it's a "cool school" and coming up next. ,,,, you won't take my life.
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you're operating. a 56-year-old south carolina n was arrested for riding a here we go. driving under the influence is illegal no matter what vehicle
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you are operating. a 56-year-old south carolina man was arrested for driving a lawnmower drunk on the highway. he got pulled over. he was weaving in and out of traffic according to the witnesses. the speed limit on the highway is 50. the lawnmower topped out at 5 miles an hour. >> it's bad but funny. >> there are sippy cup holders. >> i know there are for water. >> for water. well, a lot of iphone users are saying, it is about time! google maps are back. >> i think they got it right this time. apple removed the feature a few months ago and it was a big mess. now a new app is available. turn navigation, street view and see inside thousands of buildings. and businesses. if you like to get your hands on it you can go to our website, you can click on "links and numbers." and get out. >> 6:15. let's check the roads.
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>> it's been a tough morning but finally much better news to report for the san mateo bridge. chp has opened all lanes following an early-morning fatal accident. things should improve in the next few minutes. extra volume westbound out of hayward towards foster city but so far delays are improving, no big delays into the peninsula area, foster city. 101 good, as well. bay bridge not the case. they turned the metering lights on early at about 6:00 this morning. you can see traffic really backed up to 880. slight delays northbound 880 into oakland. we have an accident to report first reported westbound 580 at high street. looks like though it's on surface streets. it's a vehicle and pedestrian involved in this accident. it's the high street exit or on- ramp as you get on westbound 580. there is a traffic light there. so you might see some lanes blocked around that area. chp has been called to the scene. that's a car versus a
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pedestrian at that intersection. we have also dealt with bart delays this morning about 10- to 15-minute delays pittsburg- bay point line in both directions. it's been that way for a half hour maybe 45 minutes at this point. everything else though for bart is on time. ace, muni, caltrain, ferries, the rest of mass transit no delays. westbound 580 at grant line slow through the altamont pass looking at about at least a 24 to 25-minute ride westbound 580. altamont pass to 680. traffic is a little better connecting to 680. 680 not showing any delays just yet. that's traffic. lawrence? >> gianna, your feeling it today? >> yes. >> a cold front moved through yesterday break us the cold showers outside. now all that gulf of alaska air sitting on top of the bay area making for a frosty beginning to the day. no rain out there. skies are mostly clear. but the temperatures dropping right down near freezing even freezing in some of the wind sheltered valleys. toward the afternoon mostly sunny skies, still it is going
6:17 am
to be cool if you are headed out and we have some more rain headed our way and looks active to the next 7 to 10 days. outside a mostly clear start to the day early on. looks like the geminids meteor shower out there. check that out this morning and tonight as we'll see more of that on the way. it is cold in spots. 33 degrees in santa rosa. 39 in san jose. and 35 degrees in concord. a trough is ushering in cold air from the gulf of alaska and it's only going to to moderate in the next couple of days. out of sfo, expecting somebody in, no delays expected there. mostly sunny skies. traveling around the rest of the country not too bad. partly cloudy into denver and chicago. looks like around the state we'll see temperatures mainly in the 40s into the central valley. 30s and 40s in the high country. chance of rain returning as early as tomorrow morning and then it settles down a little
6:18 am
bit but more rain saturday late in the day. 50s for highs today in the east bay. cool, brisk and breezy at the coastline. next couple of days return to rain. better chance especially saturday night into sunday, more rain as we head toward the middle of next week. >> thank you. it is amazing what a group of determined parents can accomplish. >> so true. some folks in this alameda county wanted a bilingual school for their children but there wasn't any. so they took action and founded the yu ming charter school in oakland. it's this week's "cool school." [ non-english language ] >> reporter: tucked away in the heart of oakland amongst the hustle and bustle of its chinatown, something very special is brewing. >> no english in classes. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: welcome to the yu ming charter school just two years old and already 150 plus students strong children from all over alameda county immersed in mandarin chinese
6:19 am
all day long. and how do you say, i love the yu ming school?! [ non-english language ] >> reporter: yu ming, which means nurturing the future, was the brainchild of nine parents that all wanted their kids to be bilingual. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: the children speak english only 10% of each day. the rest of their studies all chinese. >> it's amazing. you see these kids, you know, half of whom have no mandarin exposure at all and then by now it's only three months into school and they are already speaking mandarin, they are reading some perhaps, they are trying to write characters, it's really incredible. >> reporter: yu ming teachers k through second but plans to go through k through 8 over the next six years. there is a waiting list to get in to be settled with a spring lottery. some visiting parents were impressed. >> i think that it's great to know two languages. think we're at a disadvantage as americans who primarily only speak one language. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: this is one of yu
6:20 am
ming's seven teachers. >> amazing, yes, when they come maybe they doesn't have mandarin background. but now they can make up a story in mandarin, like amazing, yeah, i would say. >> reporter: what is it about this school that you love? >> recess! >> reporter: recess. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, they are kids, after all. yu ming, this week's -- > [ non-english language ] >> "cool school"! >> they can say it in both languages. >> i got a little bit of an education. those kids so smart so cute, too. and here's a bonus. the school is free but it's popular. actually have to do it by lottery and crissy one of the cofounders you saw in the piece her daughter petra has taught mom and dad and her little brother a little bit of mandarinate home so it's a two- way street. >> you bring what you learn in school home. >> exactly. >> so that's great. did you learn a little? >> i learned a lot actually. i didn't retain a lot but it's a difficult language. and these kids just soak it up.
6:21 am
>> what is cool about your school? you can submit your nomination at our website, and we may come out and feature school right here on the big show. coming up next, turning off the heat. the warriors are all golden in miami. >> and it's the big one that didn't get away. the lake that produced this massive fish. >> i want to see that. hey, folks. if you are headed to the high country to do a little skiing this weekend, here's your snow report. it is looking good. boreal 9" of new fresh powder more snow on the way for the weekend. make sure you bring your chains if you are headed that way. sugar bowl 8 "of new snow, snow showers with plenty of powder. mammoth, plenty of snow to ski on up to 70 inches and more on the weekend. more on your weather when we come back. ,,
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they kept even with the defending n-b-a champs in miami... it came down to st few seconds. the warriors are proving they can win on the road. i guess so. in a big way. they kept even the defending nba champs in miami down. it came down to the final shot our play of the day. watch. >> final 7 seconds. game, down to 5, down to, trayvon green with nine-tenths left. >> green with the basket. the warriors fifth win in a row on the road with two left on the road trip looking good. >> talk about a great catch. a man lures in a gigantic trout in lake tahoe. >> the fish was 42" long and 28 pounds.
6:26 am
gene st. denis made the catch on a lake near the state line. he said it was an amazing moment he shared with his father and had a picture. >> got to get the photo. monstrous. 6:26 right now. coming up, it's the first big awards show of the season. which movie leads the pack with the most nods? >> and a surprise announcement the governor is battling cancer. the details on governor brown's diagnosis coming up. is it a prank or crime? a video on facebook appears to show a san francisco cop on a drunk joyride. check out the video for yourself coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months.
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♪[ music ] wahoo! >> a bay area cop on a joyride speeding through a tunnel at 100 miles an hour. >> is he going to lose his job? that's very reckless. >> that officer is now changing his tune. >> students at csu fullerton have been locked down for hours as police comb the campus for an armed robbery suspect. >> i heard bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang bang. >> new clues about the gunman in the deadly oregon mall shoot. >> thankful this incident wasn't much worse. >> the clock is ticking to reach a deal on the "fiscal cliff." >> i think it's going to be extremely difficult to get it done before christmas. >> the president and i have pretty frank conversations about just how far apart we are. >> i'm slowed down a little bit but i have to tell you a ran three miles in 29 minutes. >> governor brown reveals he is battling prostate cancer. >> how do you say, i love the yu ming school? [ non-english language ] >> from across the bay... to around the world... ♪ [ music ]
6:31 am
>> ... the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." ♪ [ music ] >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it's thursday, december 13. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:31. he bragged about his speedy trip through the broadway tunnels. strange story. >> but now a san francisco police sergeant is changing his story. elizabeth wenger has more on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. the whole thing is just kind of crazy. so that video appears to show a san francisco cop just gunning it through the broadway tunnel all the way down there towards chinatown. it should be noted that this is a 35-mile-per-hour zone. there's a school here in the neighborhood and there's typically a lot of traffic anyway which makes the video all the more potentially dangerous. check it out. [ engine revs ] >> reporter: that was the clip posted on sergeant carl t's
6:32 am
facebook page. it appears to show him driving 100 miles per hour in a lamborghini through the broadway tunnel in just a matter of seconds. at last no way to identify who is driving. but in the comments section of his facebook page, he even brags we were all drunk. folks we showed the video to were shocked. >> i guess there's no points for being smart. >> not the best thing to do in his position. >> no cars in there the time he went through, i would describe this simply as driving with purpose. >> reporter: so the officer involved is changing his storytelling a weekly newspaper that he actually wasn't the one driving. they weren't going 100 miles per hour. and the whole drunk comment, well, that was simply a joke. you can't find that video on his facebook page. in fact his entire facebook page has been deleted. the san francisco police department say they are investigating. but brazen stuff. this happened in broad daylight. back to you guys. >> thank you.
6:33 am
new this morning, a man rescued from underneath a street sweeper truck in san francisco. the bicyclist collided with a truck around midnight on 6th and brannan streets. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. a robbery suspect still at large this morning but the lockdown at cal state fullerton has been lifted. one suspect ran on the campus, there was a lockdown that was lifted after 8 hours. the chase came after a robbery and shooting at a jewelry store. the pursuit covered three counties and ended with a crash near fullerton's campus. two suspects are still at large but others are under arrest. one ran on a baseball diamond that was covered with cops where the l.a. police chief was at a toy giveaway. an outside compliance director will be assigned to oversee the oakland police department. the move approved by a federal judge stops short of a complete
6:34 am
federal takeover of the department. although that is still a possibility. the compliance director will help opdism pleasantonment reforms required by the settlement of a 12-year-old civil rights lawsuit. the governor's office has killed a nearly $12 million contract with a pr firm for the bay bridge construction project. the brown administration says he knew nothing about the deal that included the firm giving tours and producing a video and commemorative book. the state transportation chief says the tremendous costs would be improper weeks after voters approved new taxes. the issue was brought to the governor's attention when the "sacramento bee" requested information about the project. governor brown is dealing with a very personal battle. the 74-year-old was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is over at ucsf this morning, where the governor is receiving some radiation therapy. she joins us with more. >> reporter: a cancer diagnosis is scary but governor brown's doctors say it was caught
6:35 am
early, is very treatable and also has a high cure rate. governor brown's office announced yesterday that he is battling early stage prostate cancer. this is the 74-year-old's second bout with the illness since taking office in 2011. last year, he had a growth removed from his nose for skin cancer. also, back this 2008, he had a small cancerous spot removed from his ear. he is now undergoing radiation treatments at ucsf medical center and will keep his full work schedule. doctors say the cancer has not spread that it should be easy to treat with no serious side effects. >> most people that have this are 60s, 70s or 80s so it's typical. the fact that he is in good condition usually means he will do better in terms of his energy level throughout the process. >> reporter: the governor will receive daily radiation treatments at ucsf. they last about 10 minutes, they're supposed to be painless, and they should be
6:36 am
complete in early january. in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. the governor is a fighter with a great spirit. i'm sure he will pull through this. a cold start this morning. >> definitely. >> we had up ever 20s in the wind sheltered valleys. you mentioned you saw a meteor this morning? >> i did on my way in. >> the geminids taking place this morning and tonight. if you want to check out that meteor shower it will be a good night to check out the falling stars. out the door, we have mostly clear skies. it is cold all that air from the gulf of alaska parked right over the bay area. that is causing those cold temperatures outside. looking out there over the bay, you can see a couple of clouds. otherwise, mostly clear to begin with. these temperatures very cold in spots. 33 degrees now in santa rosa just hovering above freezing. frost in many of the north and east bay valleys. maybe even inside the bay. temperatures by this afternoon only running into the 50s. it will be mostly sunny this afternoon but we put some rain back in the forecast. we'll talk more with that in a
6:37 am
moment. right now let's check the roads with gianna. >> it is a busy morning out there. first of all, let's start with the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up. metering lights are on. and you are slow up the incline so give yourself some extra time. elsewhere if you are work your way out and about we have reports of a couple of things going on. we have an accident car versus pedestrian. the high street on-ramp to westbound 580 is completely blocked off. you have police on scene there. use 35th to access 580 as an alternate. south 680 treat boulevard two lanes blocked for an accident. traffic backed up through the scene. chp on scene, as well. north 280 in the south bay at race an accident blocking the left lane. a new wreck 880 as you work your way to 237 this one blocking lanes. you can see 237 westbound starting to load up as a result. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:38. we are learning more about the recent odd behavior of that portland mall shooter.
6:38 am
a friend and former classmate telling the "huffington post" 22-year-old jacob roberts was upset over a breakup. friends say roberts thought his ex-girlfriend was pregnant. there are reports roberts recently quit his job and wanted to move to hawaii the the victim's family and friends are speaking out about their loss now. >> cindy was an amazing hospice nurse. she spent her life helping other people transition to the end of life. and cindy yuille's family never got to say good-bye. >> and that's 54-year-old cindy yuille. she was a nurse, 45-year-old steven forsyth ran a business at that mall and 15-year-old kristina shevchenko is said to be recovering well in a hospital. the shooter did not know any of his victims. a british coroner's office confirms it was suicide that took the life of a nurse who was duped into a radio hoax involving the pregnant duchess of cambridge. the report confirms the nurse was found hanging in her room. there were also three suicide notes there.
6:39 am
the nurse fallen for a prank by two radio hosts from australia who impersonated members of the royal family. software tycoon john mcafee is back in the u.s. but no one seemed to know where he is. he was last seen leaving miami international airport just before 5:00 last night after being kicked out of guatemala for entering the country illegally. he has been trying to dodge police in belize who wanted to question him about his neighbor's murder. 6:40. the nominations are out. who is up for best picture at the golden globes? we'll tell you. >> plus, fists fly. what happens when a high school rivalry boils over. >> and the market opened about 10 minutes ago. let's take a check of the early numbers. so far, so good. but it's early. we'll crunch the numbers with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. alabama ,,,,,,,, :ó
6:40 am
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[ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make yoliday merthan ever before.
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in kentucky. it was supposed to be a fake fight between louisvilles bulldogd dupont's ram. the crowd went wild when it turned in check this out. a "basketbrawl" between mascots in kentucky. it was supposed to be a firefight between the louisville bulldog and dupont ram. this thing turned into a steel cage match the security guards had to break it up. the school has a rivalry that goes back to 1893. and the principal from louisville said students used to fight one another before they played the game. so i guess why break tradition? let's go at it. >> their heads never fell off. >> new this morning, let the hollywood awards season begin. >> good morning, everyone. and welcome to the nominations
6:44 am
announcement for the 70th annual golden globe awards. >> the golden globe nominations were announced this morning from beverly hills. the nominees for best picture are: and "silver linings playboo" also c-b-s's big bang theor. up for best comedy series. comedians tina fey and amy poehler will host the eventt for january 13th. "(nats from bruce springste" thats "the bos "big bang theory" is up for best comedy. tina fey and amy poehler will host the event january 13. ♪ [ music ] >> that's the boss getting the place rocking in madison square garden last night. it was all part of a star- studded evening to benefit those hit hard by superstorm sandy. >> alisha keys, rolling stones were there, bon jovi, clapton, your run of the mill rock and rollers, whole bunch of others lighting up the stage to raise funds. sandy damage estimates top $80 billion. hopefully that helped some of
6:45 am
the folks. >> i'm sure they raised a lot of money. >> i had a chance to see bruce springsteen many years ago and what a concert that man puts on. wasn't a big fof his before. now love the boss. cold temperatures and tides running very high. the king tides we are seeing an astronomical high tide with the sun and moon lining up just right. expecting that to peek out again this morning. it will peak out this morning and then low tides this afternoon. the main weather story with cold temperatures outside. we had showers yesterday. cold air from the gulf of alaska over the bay area dropping temperatures. out the door a frosty start to the day in many of the valleys. by the afternoon, mostly sunny and cool. there are more storms lining up on the horizon, more rain expected into tomorrow, as well. and maybe over the week.
6:46 am
outside cloudy over the bay. temperatures very chilly in spots. 35 degrees in livermore. still holding steady just above freezing at 33 in santa rosa even a chilly 39 in san jose. all that cold air diving in from the gulf of alaska. no delays expected at sfo. across the country not too bad although it will be chilly into the eastern seaboard. 48 and windy chicago. 48 new york. 52 denver. 56 degrees and mild in houston. next storm system approaching the bay area will skirt along the coast. chance of scattered light showers tomorrow. moves by, catching a brief break, more rain saturday afternoon, overnight into sunday. everyone will get a good soaking. temperatures today mainly in the 50s, 40s at the mountains, and next couple of days looks like we are headed to very active weather pattern, chance of showers for tomorrow. then a chance late in the day on saturday. rainfall expected overnight saturday night into sunday. more rain on the way staying
6:47 am
unsettled well into next week. let's check the roads now with gianna. >> it's been a very busy morning as you head toward most of our bay area bridges. some of them are slow, some okay. san mateo bridge live look. we had a busy morning here on the peninsula side all lanes now open following a fatal accident. extra volume, still 17 minutes between 880 and 101. bay bridge metering lights are on, traffic backed up beyond 880 at this point. slow if you are head towards the bay bridge, via the maze, coming off the eastshore freeway we're seeing brake lights, as well. south 680 at treat boulevard, accident blocking lanes, traffic backed up at the scene. also as you work your way north 280 at race street, this accident cleared out of lanes but the damage is done, slow through downtown san jose, also south 880 at 237, that connector road, we are seeing an accident just as you approach 237 on the southbound side of 880, slow towards 101. bart delays continue, pittsburg- bay point line towards sfo still about 15-minute delay there. that's a look at traffic. back to you
6:48 am
>> thank you. the "fiscal cliff" is fast approaching but stalemate in washington continues, the white house demanding tax hikes on the top 2%. president obama lowered the amount from 1.6 to $1.4 trillion. that's not good enough for the republicans holding out for cuts to programs like social security. congressional leaders warn lawmakers not to make holiday travel plans. they will work to the last minute. it's been a busy morning for all things business. >> certainly. he has plenty of new numbers from washington and some new maps from apple and this would be jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: and we have some decent news on the economy but that's largely being overshadowed by the "fiscal cliff" talks. a lot of worries on wall street if an agreement can't be reached by the end of the year. but as far as of the economy goes, decent news especially on the job market. the labor department reporting that first time unemployment claims fell by 29,000 to
6:49 am
343,000 the lowest level in two months and the second lowest level of the year. it suggests hiring is outpacing firing. the four-week average down to 381,000, still an effect from sandy affecting that number. as far as retail sales go in november, we saw a pretty decent gain up 3/10ths of a percent after a similar loss the month before. better when you strip out falling gas prices. sales were up 8/10ths of a percent. wholesale side inflation fell faster than expected last month. google has come back to apple as far as maps go. apple having all sorts of problems with its map that replaced google maps a few months ago led to an apology from the ceo tim cook the firing of a long-time direction and lots of bad directions. so apple will bring back google maps to its iphone. a long-time executive was
6:50 am
fired. that has apple users happy. dow down 4, nasdaq up a fraction, s&p down a fraction. and change no benefit from the story. right now it's down 1.25%. google up over 1%. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and just like the iphone and itunes, apple may be one step closer to changing the way you watch tv. the "wall street journal" reports the company is testing prototypes for high rez television sets. the ceo tim cook said apple tv is no longer just a hobby for the company. apple already sells a tv box that streams online content. another clue of about the new tv? supplier foxconn invested in a liquid crystal display factory. so hm, stay tuned. are you tired of hitting the mute button every time your favorite program takes a commercial break? i know i am. turns out members of congress are, too. the fcc is directed to
6:51 am
implement a loudness mitigation known as the calm act. that goes into effect today. this act bans broadcasters from blasting commercials at higher volume than the program you're watching. >> that will be handy. are you a coffee drinker? listen up. it may now keep cancer away. a new study by the american cancer society says that morning cup of joe may lower your risk for oral cancer. researchers found people who drank more than 4 cups, that's a lot of coffee, of caffeinated coffee a day had half the risk of dying from mouth or throat cance than noncoffee drinkers. more research is needed. is it better to work out in fact morning or afternoon? a new ucla study suggests those who exercise in the afternoon might be doing their bodies a favor. the research involving might suggest that midday exercise helps keep the body's internal clock set that gets more important as we get older. i guess you don't need to worry, right? >> i guess not. [ laughter ] >> i walk.
6:52 am
all right. bart riders can expect to see more police officers in oakland and san francisco today. bart is adding more police patrols at its stations in downtown san francisco to provide for protection for holiday shoppers and in oakland, city police will join bart officers this afternoon in providing escorts for passengers parked at the west oakland station. a texas man gets pulled over for an expired registration and says what happens next has restored his faith. >> yeah. pretty amazing. 25-year-old hayden carlo had been struggling to support his wife and children and didn't help when the man was recently pulled over. he explained to the officer that the only reason he hadn't paid for his new registration yet was that he couldn't afford it. the officer wrote up the citation, handed it back to him. inside, a $100 bill. >> opened it up and there's a $100 bill. i was like i broke down in my car. what else can you do? >> carlo was able to update the registration on his car and his
6:53 am
wife, as well. the officer doesn't want to be identified. his coworkers plan to honor him. thousands of light in a holiday display in the south bay. you can see animated characters dancing on the roof. take a look. wow. that's pretty elaborate there. this is the home in san jose. over the years neighborhood kids made wood figures for the display. pretty nice. we would like to show off your holiday photos. email them to us at or post them on our facebook page or you can tweet them, please send them in, because we want to show them off to everyone. >> where do you plug that all in? >> i don't know. >> you have one extension cord and you go into the garage and you got all those lights. >> it's complicated but looks great. >> must have a generator. 6:54. coming up a final check of all your top stories. >> including a wild ride through a san francisco tunnel you won't believe who might have been behind the wheel. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
facebook page. the video was shot inside ar welcome back. san francisco police sergeant is under investigation over video on his facebook page. the video was shot inside a car speeding through the broadway tunnel. on the website the sergeant said he was in the car and that everybody was drunk. he now says that comment about being drunk was just a joke. cal state fullerton is expected to be back to normal today. students were locked down for eight hours after at least one robbery suspect was seen running on the campus. they never did find him. but the lockdown was lifted just before midnight. and governor jerry brown is undergoing prostate cancer treatment at uc-san francisco. the 74-year-old is in the early stage of the disease and has a very good chance of beating it. the governor's treatment ends
6:58 am
the week of january 7. 6:58 right now. let's get a final check on weather. >> it's cold outside. i just saw gianna shivering over there. >> it's cold in here. >> chill think all around the bay area today. heading out -- it's chilly all around the bay area today. heading out, a frosty start in some areas in the bay area. grab a jacket if you are head out. now freezing in santa rosa at 32. 36 in concord. and 35 degrees in livermore. this afternoon, highs will only be in the 50s. so keeping things on the cool side. chance of showers as early as tomorrow. more rain unsettled weather well into next week, gianna. >> grab in a jacket and get going because it is busy on the freeways right now as you head towards hayward. here's a live look at tennyson, northbound traffic looks slow- and-go southbound so give yourself some extra time. jumping over to the bay bridge, we're seeing a backup, metering lights are on almost to the maze at this point. couple of accidents to report, south 680 at treat boulevard, as we jump to our maps, cleared out of lanes but still slow also south 880 at 237. that one is also out of lanes.
6:59 am
but the damage is done. you are sluggish as you work your way between 880 and 101 in the south bay. >> you had no notes. >> it's all here. >> impressive. >> very impressive. >> she knows what she is talking about. that's it. thanks for watching "eyewitness news this morning." remember, you next local update is at 7:25. "cbs this morning" is coming up next. enjoy your day. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, december 13th, 2012. welcome to "cbs this morning." the fiscal cliff negotiations come to a stand still as congress gets orders to start making budget cuts. we'll have tea party senator jim demint whether he sees a compromise coming. the stars were shining brightly at madison square garden last night. we're taking you backstage at the big benefit for the victims of superstorm y.

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